June 12, 2017
Enter and Ride AT YOUR OWN RISK.
You must sign in & pay or - YOU ARE TRESPASSING.
Minors must have the release form signed by their legal guardian.
Minors must have a legal guardian present at all times.
Ride Under Control.
Do not make new trails.  Ride on Trails and Tracks Only.
Ride on trails with the ribbons on the right. 
DO NOT ride over jumps sideways or over the tops of the burms.
Ride 8 mph or Less in Parking Area. NO Pit Racing (riding in or near other camps).
**NO TRESPASSING!  Crooked Creek Cycle Park is bordered by other unfenced properties.  Trespassing on any of the adjoining property will result in your removal from the park with no refund. Property lines are clearly marked.
NO Automobiles Allowed Beyond Camp Area, except to retrieve injured people.
NO SMOKING in any of the buildings.
ATVs are to stay off the trails marked “Bikes Only” or “No ATV”.

NO Riding while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
NO Illegal Drugs.
NO Loud Bikes or ATVs.
NO Dune Buggies/side-by-sides/Jeeps/SUVs/ UTVs allowed on trails.
NO Loud Music or noise after 10 P.M.
NO disruptive behavior.
NO fireworks. 
All fires must be in camp area steel fire pits & grills. No fires beyond camp area.
NO Fires during Burn Ban or strong winds.
Do not put bottles or cans in fires.
NO Littering, including cigarette butts. Please take your trash with you.
Turn Water Off at faucet after you use it.
NO Glass Containers.
NO DUMPING Waste Water, Oil or debris of any kind.
NO Shooting.
Keep pets under control.
Do Not cut trees or bushes. Trimming a vine or branch is permitted.
NO Hunting, Fishing or Harassing wildlife or livestock.
NO Riding in cow tanks / ponds or on dam sides.
NO Motorized boats or jet skies on the lake.
NO Riding outside of the park.

NO RIDING Before 7:30 A.M. OR After Dark.  Riding at sunset may cause you to be caught in the woods after dark.
Exit park before closing time, unless staying the night.
*A tow fee of $40 will be charged if you get stuck while riding off the marked trails and require us to rescue your equipment.

*We strongly recommend wearing a helmet and other protective gear.
*We strongly recommend not riding alone.

PATRONS ARE RESPONSIBLE for Knowing and Obeying Park Rules. Violators Of Park Rules Will Be Kicked Out Of The Park. NO REFUNDS! 
Crooked Creek Cycle Park reserves the right to refuse admittance or service to anyone.

Lets make this a fun and safe place for everyone.
Crooked Creek Cycle Park Rules