This is a fully functioning cattle ranch. Do not harass the livestock.
Do Not go past the NO TRESPASSING signs.
LOUD BIKES & ATVs will be asked to leave. We will test your sound level if we think your bike or ATV is too loud.
Parking is in the front field. Do not park past the fence line.
Restroom is 1st room located in the brown building. NO Smoking in buildings!!
Drinking water is located between the front corral and the road.
Fires are to be built in the steel pits only, if there is no burn ban and not windy.
Trails are “One Way”.
- keep the ribbons on your right. Right is right.
The road and gravel R/R bed are “Two Way”.

Easy Rider trail is an easy 2 mile loop.
trail is 5.5 miles long, easy to moderate difficulty.
trail is easy to moderate difficulty.
*Bone Splinter “bike only” loop (starts at yellow u-turn sign). 
LOST in the Woods is a twisty 3 mile loop (marked with orange ribbon). 
Hog Wild
is an easy to moderate difficulty 5.5 mile trail.
*Twist & Shout is a hard 2+ mile “bike only” trail that dumps into the other trails.
*Twisted Off
is a hard 1.8 mile “bike only” loop off the Twist & Shout.
*Crippling Creek is a hard “bike only” loop located off Bonehead.
Watch for trail and road crossings.
Please do not make new trails.
Watch for “Bike Only” & “NO ATV” signs.
!!A tow fee of  $40 will be charged if you get stuck while riding off the marked trails and require us to rescue your equipment!!

Please leave before closing time.

Please, be sure to "Turn Water Off" if you use it!
Gas, food & drinks can be purchased at Valaro or Dixies - 4+ miles N. on Hwy 31.