A Privately Owned Motorcycle Off Road Park in Central Texas
15 minutes NE of Waco Texas
OPEN to the public on scheduled weekends.
(Motorcycles, ATV's & Mountain Bikes welcome)
(NO automobiles, side-by-sides, UTVs, go-carts, or dune buggies are allowed on tracks or trails.)(NO mudders.)
BURN BAN in effect. No fires allowed.
Crooked Creek Cycle Park
Last update:
Sept. 30, 2015
DAILY FEES: Adults: $15 / person per day, Youths 12 and under: $10 / person per day
*Daily fee is charged for everyone over 8 yrs old, riding or not.*
One night of camping is included with the daily fee, if the park is open.

Price Menu

CASH (We don't accept credit or debit cards.)
**We don't rent out or lend any vehicles.**
SCHEDULE: 1st & 3rd full weekend of each month, trail conditions permitting. 
(Watch for additional weekends & schedule changes.)
*Full weekend: Saturday and Sunday in the same month.

Crooked Creeks next open weekend is
Oct. 3 & 4, if the trail conditions permit.  Camping available Friday and Saturday nights.

OPEN at 8 a.m.
SAT. @ 6 p.m. & Sun. @ 5 p.m.
Please leave before closing time.

*New hours start in October.

Schedule is subject to change.

Do you have a loud bike/ATV?  Please see the note below.

Noise Hurts:  If you have a loud bike/ATV, please find somewhere else to ride!  Riders with modified or stock exhaust systems that are too loud will be asked to leave.  FYI - Usually,  bikes/ATVs with unmodified, well kept stock pipes will pass the test. Ones that might be a problem are: pipes that have the baffles out/off, old pipes that need to be repacked or repaired and some brands of race pipes. Remember, 4 strokes have a deep throaty sound that will carry for miles, which could be a problem.  2 strokes sound loud up close, but the sound doesn't carry far, so they typically are not a problem. (This is to help you better judge the sound and condition or your muffler.)

Sound level: 100 dB "A" weighted 20 inches from the exhaust.
We test with a sound meter.

Our noise rules are more lenient than the national forest rules or many of the race circuits.

Open @ 8 a.m.

Winter Hours: Open: Saturday & Sunday - 8 am.
                                   Close: Saturday @ 6 pm & Sunday @ 5 pm.
                                    Please leave by closing time, if not staying the night.


    Camping is available on Saturday (& sometimes Friday) night.
Campers: please check in before 8:30pm.
Please sign-in at the green building.
Call before you haul.  940-367-3917
Please, no texting.
Trail Update:  You are welcome to call to find out trail conditions.
       Trail conditions are always a factor.
    **Please read and follow the Park rules.
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